In times of the corona pandemic it is crucial to know how your suppliers survive the crisis, how reliably they can deliver and how quickly they can get back to business.

IntegrityNext provides you with the necessary tool set:


temperature and pulse 

of your suppliers 

COVID-19 Assessment

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, more and more companies are experiencing difficulties which, at the end of the day, disrupt your supply chain. The IntegrityNext solution allows you to quickly gain visibility into the 'health' of your key suppliers.

  • Financial Health
  • Operations & Disruptions
  • Health & Safety

Business Continuity Assessment

Sustainable economics also means that suppliers can quickly resume operations after a crisis and supply your company with goods and materials. IntegrityNext Supplier Monitoring provides you with the transparency needed to determine which of your suppliers are capable to recover quickly. 

  • Continuity Plans & Certifications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Impact

Audit Data Gathering

Travel bans and entry restrictions are currently limiting the possibility of on-site audits. IntegrityNext allows you to collect supplier sustainability and compliance data from anywhere in the world to help ensure your suppliers are meeting standards even in times of the crisis.

  • 20 sustainability & compliance assessments, incl. new COVID-19 and Business Continuity
  • automatically obtained
  • in 11 languages

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